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Thursday, May 26, 2005
10 THINGS I never Dood.

Actually its called, "Ten Things I've Never Done".  I was hit in a Driveby Tagging, the culprit being, Sharkbait.  So I will now do this and Tag the crap out of someone else - so all vistors BEWARE! Muahahahahaaaa!!!
  1)  Eaten Sushi
  2)  Been to Spain
  3)  Dated Star Trek Enterprise hot chick, Jolene Blalock (contrary to popular belief)
  4)  Read, War and Peace
  5)  Ate a fried Mars Bar
  6)  Kissed, Jolene Blalock  ** tears up**
  7)  Appreciate Dr. Phil's lack of intelligence (yes I am superior - AND - I have hair! No offence to Scott who is far better looking without hair than I am anyday of the week with hair, and I "am" aweful purty folks.)
  8)  Been wealthy
  9)  Seen a beach
10)  Talk to, Jolene Blalock, on the telephone
I know some of you are thinking I am obsessed with, Jolene Blalock, but thats not quite true. You see, SHE, is obsessed with me, which is evident by the way she forcefully keeps invading my thoughts. And seeing how "forward" she is like that, I've not much tolerance for forward women.  Unless of course they ask me out or something first.
I'm hereby declaring a TAG on, ABBYNORMAL - TheOneAndOnlyDave - and - GREAT SCOTT!
You can only be exempt if you've already been tagged for this by someone else, or should you refuse to do it under a blood oath. - because quite frankly I dont know where you live to do anything about such refusals.

Posted at 09:49 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool

May 27, 2005   06:16 PM PDT
1. Been to Canada.
2. Seen a Broadway Musical.
3. Killed an animal.
4.Written a song.
5. Surfed.
6. Played a sport on an organized team.
7. Lived on my own.
8. Been in a fight.
9. Participated in a play that I have regretted.
10. Been able to finish an online list.
May 27, 2005   10:33 AM PDT
I'VE seen a beach and I never been anywheres! (does that make sense?)

Maybe we should contact Jolene's agent and fix you guys up with a date on the beach over sushi and fried mars bars.
May 27, 2005   09:46 AM PDT
Had my first taste of sushi on a cruise ship. Was mighty tasty, or maybe that was the alcohol talking (and tasting)...
May 27, 2005   09:15 AM PDT
Fried Mars Bars!!! Cook it with butter & yumgumslum sauce!! It Bloody rocks!!!!!
May 27, 2005   08:27 AM PDT
I didn mention yer Intelligence level cause, uhm, I dont need the compet.. compa.. Uhm.. someone else chasin' after the same bottle of Cherry flavored Geritol as me.. (?)

Forget the beach, I want them depends! WhooHoo! ;-)

Actually I have seen a beach. My ex-wife Cujo., but then we're not talking about proper spellin' here... are i? ;-)
May 27, 2005   07:39 AM PDT
You never seen a beach?
May 27, 2005   05:12 AM PDT
"9) Seen a beach"

i CAN solve that one for you - come visit ;) hehehehe

(you can borrow my box of depeds when your here)
May 27, 2005   12:59 AM PDT
It is a terrible burden being beautiful. Hey! you forgot ta mention my intellygends, insellidecenc, my interligems...cleverness! I guess under the influence of Geritol, everyone starts to look pretty, right Daveman?

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