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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
The Naugahyde Ball

In regard to the inaugural ball.., Mrs. Obama's dresses was a dress designer's fengshui nightmare - yet all the fancy pants peoples are applauding it as something remarkable. This was the ugliest dress (the white one) and comparable to Ellen Degenerates nefarious "Swan Dress"! The other ball dress was probably made out of upholstery fabric taken off a couch dating circa 1971.

Obama, our chief in staff couldn't have made a penguin blush if he tried, laugh maybe - glad he's chief of something since he didn't have the test tickles to stop his wife from wearing the burlap and swan fur. And my gawd! The woman walks like a football player! Not that there's anything wrong with that - she's 5'11" tall and could tackle a 400 pound line backer and make him scream for him mawmee. Not that there's anything wrong with that either.

But I gotta tell ya - I like Ms Obama. She's real, down to earth and not some phony bologna person.  She no doubt humored all those designers because she felt it was the proper thing to do. She's a lovely lady so dont think I am being hateful and rude here. I'm being honest and stapling things as they appear to me.

Now as for Obama himself - I am still stewing as to how in hell he became president. I'm not even considering the stuff calling into question his status as a naturalized U.S. Citizen - or whatever. Thats for other people to work out. If that were ever proven true we'd have race riots that would make the Rodney King riots look like kids playing in a sandbox., if you were to remove the man.

What I am puzzled about his how INTELLIGENT Americans can dismiss his attendance of a racist church (him calling for equality is a joke & a farce) - "BUT DAVE! You dip! He quit that church!"  - Oh? Not at first. He and his family sat under this white hater preacher for a number of years and when his pastor came out publicly instead of keeping his hate of whites behind closed doors, did Obama say anything? Hell no! Not till the press pushed it. Then he made excuses, hem hawed around before he said something roughly like "I do not share the same views". Insincere is the way it come across to me.

Then he quit that church. Right? NO! It toook the press to pressure him, and only when Barak Hussien Obama felt he may lose votes, THATS when he quit. I'm not even sure about that - just the press quit bugging him about it.

Americans went deaf and blind about the whole business, and ignored the matter. I see a president who sat under a preacher who hates whites.  Let me say - I don't need to be in public office - if I attend a church where a pastor starts spouting hate of any race people - I would leave in a heart beat. No press, no other person would have to tell me its not an acceptable Christian practice to sit under a pastor who hates people because of color or any other reason.

I listened to Barak Obama's speech. Hey, it was engrossing! He was masterful in what he said and how he said it. He knew how to tickle ears. But I got the feeling he meant something completely different that the way the masses took it.  If I am wrong I am wrong - and will acknowledge it as wrong IF and when he proves my suspicions as invalid. I wont even bother listing off what I suspect about this man - but I firmly believe with all the griping about George W. Bush (did some griping myself), Obama when all is said and done, will make Bush look like a complete blessing.

I feel that there will be a great sorrow coming out of this presidency and many innocent people will feel a sting soon enough. I wish I knew how anyone could so easily forget and or ignore Obama's attendance of a church that teaches hate against whites. But then - we all know its not racist to hate white people, its racist to hate anyone but whites. Or at least thats the way it appears to me.

Martin Luther King had a dream. Obama has taken that dream and making it his own variation (version). he hijacked MLK's dream for his own purposes and its not (in my opinion) in line with MLK.  Barak, has a gift - he's an eloquent speaker. He did not even have to read his speech from notes. He is highly intelligent - and thats what separates him from more obvious racists in politics like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Jesse & Al, have no class nor the real ability to express would be view points clearly to ALL races. Obama has class and the ability to make you feel important no matter who or what you are.  A key to getting what you want is to stroke the ego. And he did some big time stroking. He made people forget his racist ties. Or is there something in there that I completely missed? I will always wonder how people who voted for him chose to ignore this. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

Posted at 09:20 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool

January 24, 2009   06:00 AM PST
Finally someone posted a blog post on Obama that I can give a hearty amen to! I couldn't agree with you more.
January 23, 2009   03:22 AM PST
I don't think we all ignored it, I think there is a leftist bias in the mainstream media. They hyped him with their power. While I believe we ought to respect the office of the president, I also think it will be wise to become more and more involved than ever before. this man stands against many of the things I know you and I have in common and many others, also. We must contact our representatives and senators often and call them into question.
January 22, 2009   07:44 AM PST
I have given up on politics entirely.

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