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Sunday, February 22, 2009
Bruce! Call The Taxidermist

I been sick - then got better. No more loose snawt running out my head like a water faucet wide open. I guess I am ok - other than the back pain. I will live. Just thought I would tell you so you didn't take on that "Is Daveman Dead, Pool" thats been going around.

I just haven't felt like blawging in a long while. I would like to want to and want to feel like it - but if the barometer isn't forecasting anything it just isn't coming out. Know what I mean? No? Me either.

The only thing I have felt like doing is singing my brains out - which reminds me I am still trying to learn Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue" sawng. I can sing just one or two of his diddies but his others are hard to follow. I am nawt a professional people - so I wont be holding any concerts at Madison Square Gardens any time soon. Thats just the way it is.

MY NAME IS BRUCEFYI - New Movie Released This Month- A friend of mine's daughter is co-starring in a new direct to video film starring Bruce Campbell "MY NAME IS BRUCE"

Bruce has independently produced, directed and acted in this extension of the "Evil Dead" series of B-Movie films - he also currently co-stars in a USA Network Tv Series called, Burn Notice".

All the Evil Dead series are not what you would call block buster material but has a huge fan base - and is funny - when blood isn't gushing like old faithful - so I don't recommend this as a family film - unless of course you happen to be Rednecks that don't give a crap what your kids see.

In this film - Bruce Campbell portrays himself and is mistaken as the character he plays in the Evil Dead series where he kills demons like one does swatting flies or butchering hawgs - well - maybe not like butchering hawgs.., ok.., maybe like butchering hawgs - whatever - but anyway a small town is over run by demons and a couple of redneck fellas kidnap Bruce to get him to slay the demonic infestation. Or at least thats what i heard. He keeps telling them I'M NOT NASH! MY NAME IS BRUCE!!!

Anyway I hope to see this movie - I am a fan of his - I am not real into gore but the sophomoric humor and wit has always been the chief trademark of Mr. Campbell - and thats what draws me.

Ya wanted an update? Thats an Update. SEE THE MOVIE and give Grace Thorsen - a relatively new actress, support. She has a few movies under her belt and from what I understand - very talented! Very pretty actress at that. My buddy is obviously very proud of his little girl, cant says I blame him. He himself has played with a few well known bands - not in concerts but just guys kicking around with friends at each others houses, and so on. He's an oddball  but a good oddball like you and me. Cept different - LOL. naw he's a good joe, cept his name aint Joe, its, Ron. Duh!

Consider this an update - yew has been warned Way after the fact. Love yall - and I really do miss you peeps.

Posted at 03:33 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool

March 13, 2009   02:44 PM PDT
Dunno if you can be bothered meming, but if you can't write another post instead!
You've been tagged!
March 2, 2009   06:24 PM PST
*waves hands frantically* TAXI-dermist!!! STOPPPPPPPPP lol
February 23, 2009   08:50 PM PST
Glad ya stopped snottin and started writin. Happy Monday d-man
February 23, 2009   07:54 AM PST
Purdy gurl! All i's got to says to her is 'Break a leg!'.

Sorry you were AOL sick. I've bean checkin in, but hidin out at the same time.

Depressed too knowing my realtime friend Kate that lives down in Big Sur lost her dog Dakota the oher morning to a cougar.
February 22, 2009   10:26 PM PST
A-hey!, a-heyyyyyy
Glad you haven't had to update from beyond the veil (why a veil? I dunno, why not behind the tortilla?)
It may be tricky to find that movie here, it's a long trip by zebra-cart to the trading station, and then I always seem to get there after all the good ones have been taken out.

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