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Saturday, October 20, 2007
A Messed Up Planet

A SECOND grader (just 7 years old) drew a series of pictures; one of which had him suspended from school for a day.  What did he draw? Some MALE CHILDREN have (for the most part) drawn forever - a stick figure holding a gun.

What has happened to this nation?  On things we should clamp down on, we don't - and needless things we turn into sinister mountain.  I cite my last blog entry - which IS something to be major upset about, but noo - we pass having our souls sold out to the devil, so to speak, and yet raise hell over an innocent incident.

Sorry about this and the last rant.  This is supposed to be a FUN place to visit. I rarely these days discuss world events or things like this, but once in a while, I like to get this stuff off my chest.

And by the way - I'm not really a bad guy.  I'm just " pictured " that way - LOL

Posted at 04:53 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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THE AMERO: The Deconstruction of the U.S.

A NEW DAVEMAN RANT SESSION: "Something Most Americans Dont Know"

I'll let you make up your own minds about this new AMERO CURRENCY and the SPP and the whole North American Union franchise.., but in my view - I see this as an insult to the U.S., to Canada and to Mexico - BUT at the moment with my being American, I am more concerned about my habitat (naturally) which is the U.S. of A. !!!

Many Americans (including myself until just recently) are completely oblivious to whats being planned.  Will it succeed? Unless Americans are made aware and object heavily to their senators and congressmen (the ones that object that is)  - YES - its quite likely to push through. One day you'll wake up and its no longer America (except just an outline on a map) but a conglomeration that makes the lives given for a sovereign United States a big joke.  If this pushes through - our Forefathers  (in my humble opinion) efforts are reduced to nothing. Ashes.  No borders = no sovereign state. THIS IS NOT OPEN TO DEBATE - its my opinion - whether anyone agrees with it or not. And yep - its your right to disagree if thats your thang.

Here's a Link that may fill you in on some of the details: http://www.amerocurrency.com/

Here's a video from CBNC News...

Never NEVER ever thought I would say this - but Bush is the same as a Traitor
In my opinion. He has effectively been involved in the deconstruction
of America.  I suppose he he's getting something out of this..,

Posted at 12:08 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Prayers for Herb's Dad - are requested.  Well wishes are good too.
John Fogerty (of CCR fame) has a new album out, "Revival" - 12 songs, all of them really good stuff. Its a little bit country, a little bit of the old rock and rollishness he was best known for.  I recommend this to to any CCR / John Fogerty Fan.
Update On Daughter:
It seems baby Job, is teasing his momma. First he's ready to go - then he backs off.  The doctor said if she hasn't had the baby by next Thursday, they may want to induce labor. Oh sure! hasn't the girl gone through enough? Now he wants to put her to work in the middle of the whole birthing thang.  (Job is an acronym by the way)
I am predicting next Moday sometime after 12:Noon for Job's arrival
The Future of Caption Contests here at Davemania;  Your opinions and suggestions are appreciated.  I'm thinking of an experimental project whereby the participants make up a caption without seeing the image to be used - in which case I would provide only a short description of said image - OR - better yet.., no description at all. The winner would naturally be the one who's caption came closest to fitting the preselected image.  What say ye?
Facts You Didn't Know About Daveman and Didn't Really Care to Know:
* I was born on a Saturday in the Spring on March 29, 1958
     * I am 18,101 days old - so yeah, I prefer to hear it in years, thank you.
           * I am also.., 434,439 hours old!  Wow! But wait - it gets worse!
                 * I am 1,563,980,960 seconds old!!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOO!
Cussing Good for You?  Some lame brained [censored] British professor has determined through his agenda.., I mean .., studies.., that cursing in the work place is good for you and makes for excellent camaraderie with your work-mates. What a load of [censored] !!! This dumb [censored] no doubt loves to cuss so he concocts this [censored] [censored] [censored] survey, which just has to be rigged in order to justify his desire to openly cuss like some [censored] [censored] [censored] .., I mean.
        If I wanted I guarantee you I could do a study, any study to try and justify something.  All you need is volunteer subjects who angle that way and you have the makings of a study.  Same with documentation surveys.  I could scour the internet and snag all kinds of propaganda from other so called professors or whatever - and come up with erroneous conclusions to pass off as a matter of fact.  MOST Studies these days are pure worthless [censored].
            Honestly - while I can tolerate cursing - I can NOT tolerate those who can not speak without swearing once, twice or more in every single sentence. Its depressing. Its negative. There is nothing positive about it unless you enjoy hanging with people who love to cuss.  I'm sorry, but that is a sorry state to exist in, when one loves to curse.  I used to curse ALLOT!  It didn't make me happy or a better person AND it didn't improve the lives of those around me.  In fact I drew allot of flack for it.  Thats not a positive impact my friend.  If I have to curse to make friends - I do not need those people as friends. Again I'm talking about extreme habitual cursing - not everyone who says a word now and then.
            Okay - I'm done ranting now.  So get your sorry [expletive]'s back to work, you  lazy gold bricking [censored] people.  Cheese Louise. AND SOMEBODY BRING ME A [expletive] SAMMICH! Pronto!  Cant ya feel the love here, you [expletive]'s?  I do.  I feel closer to everyone already..., hello?  hello? HELLO? Alright! Who hid my favorite [censored] people? <groan>  I guess what works in the work place doesn't work in the blog place. <sigh> [expletive] !!! I get no repect.

Posted at 09:27 am - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

(heart break kid)
Grandson, Today you are 3 years old but it was just yesterday for me
I was there the day you were born, grandson. Watched you come
into this world with these two eyes of mine, I did. The same eyes which
welcomed your mother so many years ago. and cradled her in my arms.
The same arms which cradled you. I love you, ya little tadpole
- - and I must add, you still owe me for a shirt you upchucked on, like yer maw!

It would certainly be strange if his younger brother decides to arrive before midnight!

Posted at 04:53 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Bad Dates Caption Winner!

- - By Popular Vote - -
Bad Dates Caption Contest Winner - JFZ
John Z., - you may post the Bad Dates Caption Contest image on
your blog to taunt others that your (ahem) blog is bigger.
"Those who failed the audition for the Village People didn't give up;
they went on to form the mildly unsuccessful 'One Horse Town People'."
DIESEL (3rd Place)
"You wuz even better than that FBI feller!"

Thanks to all who participated with some purty spiffy entries.  As stated before - while you didn't win the contest, you have won respect.  And face it, you just cant buy respect. Cheap thrills, yes, respect, no.

Posted at 08:01 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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