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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
White Lion

Hippies! There is no end to them. They just keep cropping up, and cropping up and cropping up... then they purchase vans and paint murals all over em.., lining the floor-boards with dated florescent orange shag carpet...., but once in a while you find an exceptional hippy what can do some serious entertaining.  As I understand it, he doesn't even own a painted van. Not sure about the shag carpet though.

On a serious note - Jay, is not quite the hippy, although his long hair (as if I never Helpever had any in my time) suggests the possiblities.., does a really great job of singing. Please note, there are no signs of bongs, black light posters or 8-track quadraphonic stereo systems in sight.   One day, Jay may end up on the Jay Leno show (i don't know if same first names count as nepotism or not).., and you can say "I knew that dude when he appeared on Daveman's Blawg! Dude! Excellent!"

This guy REALLY sings great. If anyone disagrees, I will meet you in the back alley and beat you retarded with my turbo charged walker, then run over you with my  Super-Chair equipped with the Enterprise Warp Nacelles  - several times.

With no further doobie.., (ahem) I mean.., ado... Heeeeeeere's Jay!
"White Lion"

Vote for me on Bix.com!

Jay's Bix Page is located: http://bix.yahoo.com/person/visions
So drop in and check out his tunes, especially "Love Hurts"
Just be sure and tell him Daveman sent yas.

Posted at 08:03 am - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Monday, October 22, 2007
The Real Superheroes!

Daveman IS The GreenFlashlightYes, there are real life superheros out there. They just aren't dressed up in fancy tights, spandex, capes and cool high tech jewelry. Policemen, Firemen, Emergency Medical Technicians, our Soldiers in any branch of the service.  As with the fictional comic book heroes, unfortunately some turn to the dark side, and it casts our good guys in a bad light.
Where would we be without our real life heroes?  As bad as things seem often times, we could all be living a major hell right now if it were not for our heroes. I would imagine we'd all be living in a world not to dissimilar to, Mad Max 'Beyond Thunderdome'.., and while that makes for a cool movie - it would suck in reality. It would be a completely dark and totally ugly world.
When you look at some place in the world even now, War Lords, rule and slaughter people at will, making the rest of the people in their turf suffer greatly, stealing their food, forcing children to join their ranks. For them such a world of Mad Max, really exists with too few Mad Max,s to make a difference.  And trust me - if a guy showed up wearing fancy leotards and funky bling bling to stop them - the bling-bling guy would be slaughtered.  Its better to send in men who are dressed for the part.  The enemy will not die from laughter, people. It just doesn't work that way.  The U.S., Canada, Britain and select others live in a utopia by comparison, thanks to our real life superheros!
SO - next time you see a cop, a fireman, an EMT, a soldier or any one of many real life heroes out there - STOP AND SAY HELLO!  Thank them for being there, and what the heck - ask for their autograph.  They deserve your hero worship more than fake Hollywood heroes. Brad Pitt? No, sorry. He's not a hero. He gets paid to pretend he is. John Travolta? forget it.  Angelina Jole? She looks hawt - but aside from that, she's not a real hero.  Every thing she does makes me question if its for press value translating into a bigger bank account - but a cop? or other real life hero? He or she doesn't have mega millions in his wallet.  They do their job and does not consist of glamor, glitz or mega millions - but a desire to serve the public trust.
Do yourself and them a favor - hug a REAL hero today! In fact there should be a National "Hug A Hero" day - and anyone during that time dressing up like Superman to distort the real hero image should be locked up for 24 hours.  Say no to fake heroes - and yes to the real ones.
Baked Chunk - LiteHOWEVER - if I REALLY were to be a Superhero of the fictional kind - GreenLantern is da man! But since that name has been taken, I opt for "Daveman, The Green-Flashlight".
By the way - guess who is back? Well, updated at least. I'm just hoping he's back. Kevin-The-One-Armed-Boy, man..., He's one of the three + 1 Amigos (Ktoab, Scott, Herb and Myself) and thats because we gots religious value, something I'm not ashamed of.  I just get ashamed when I slip up.  But this part of the entry isn't about me - but about Baked Chunk: http://bakedchunk.blogdrive.com/
(I made up the Amigos stuff but thats okay - I like it, it stays)
I won this cool Skiing pass to ski at Abby-Basin.., a new skiing lodge what has all kinds of cool crap!  I laugh in your faces - I am so happy and thrilled.  Yes, with this free trip I can achieve new injuries in which to blog about. I SO RAWK!
Abby Basin, Colorado

Posted at 02:18 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Sunday, October 21, 2007
If I were A Superhero...

.., I'd be someone the bad guys would really fear.  IF I were a super hero..., my battle cry would be...,

Posted at 12:39 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Saturday, October 20, 2007
A Messed Up Planet

A SECOND grader (just 7 years old) drew a series of pictures; one of which had him suspended from school for a day.  What did he draw? Some MALE CHILDREN have (for the most part) drawn forever - a stick figure holding a gun.

What has happened to this nation?  On things we should clamp down on, we don't - and needless things we turn into sinister mountain.  I cite my last blog entry - which IS something to be major upset about, but noo - we pass having our souls sold out to the devil, so to speak, and yet raise hell over an innocent incident.

Sorry about this and the last rant.  This is supposed to be a FUN place to visit. I rarely these days discuss world events or things like this, but once in a while, I like to get this stuff off my chest.

And by the way - I'm not really a bad guy.  I'm just " pictured " that way - LOL

Posted at 04:53 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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THE AMERO: The Deconstruction of the U.S.

A NEW DAVEMAN RANT SESSION: "Something Most Americans Dont Know"

I'll let you make up your own minds about this new AMERO CURRENCY and the SPP and the whole North American Union franchise.., but in my view - I see this as an insult to the U.S., to Canada and to Mexico - BUT at the moment with my being American, I am more concerned about my habitat (naturally) which is the U.S. of A. !!!

Many Americans (including myself until just recently) are completely oblivious to whats being planned.  Will it succeed? Unless Americans are made aware and object heavily to their senators and congressmen (the ones that object that is)  - YES - its quite likely to push through. One day you'll wake up and its no longer America (except just an outline on a map) but a conglomeration that makes the lives given for a sovereign United States a big joke.  If this pushes through - our Forefathers  (in my humble opinion) efforts are reduced to nothing. Ashes.  No borders = no sovereign state. THIS IS NOT OPEN TO DEBATE - its my opinion - whether anyone agrees with it or not. And yep - its your right to disagree if thats your thang.

Here's a Link that may fill you in on some of the details: http://www.amerocurrency.com/

Here's a video from CBNC News...

Never NEVER ever thought I would say this - but Bush is the same as a Traitor
In my opinion. He has effectively been involved in the deconstruction
of America.  I suppose he he's getting something out of this..,

Posted at 12:08 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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