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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Daveman Expounds His Immortal Wisdom (yeah, don't you wish)

* My Mawma came through the surgery okay - only they found.., not one.., but two! two! Thats TWO hernias for the price of ONE surgery, ladies and gentlemen! Talk about a deal!!! ***brick hits dave in the back of the head**   "Sorry Mom!". anyhow, yeah - they discovered a second one just a few inches apart from the prime target.  I'm glad they caught that.
She's just might sore, as you can imagine.  I'm taking over animal patrol.., feeding /  watering her cats for her, as I should do.  Mom is supposed to stay in bed - (yeah, like anyone is going to keep her down) - She hates this part because those cats are strays she took in to save them from starvation and the animal death house - and thus - those furry creatures just .., really.., do not like anyone else but my mother.  So its a little like Daniel in the Lion's Den when I get in those large aviary like gages.., except these midget version of lions are well fed and not hungry for the flesh of Daveman.  Just a whole lot of hissing and claw bearing.
* Still - Job remains secure in his lair, no doubt manning the high tech surveillance equipment built from scratch, just so he can monitor what goes on in the outside world.  We already know for a fact he installed a fully equipped gymnasium because of all the activity what goes on inside his mawma's belly.  Bouncing, jumping, twirling..., weight lifting a few of his mom's internal orgains... hey.., at least he's keeping busy.
Wednesday - Daughter sees the doctor for the purpose of finding out whats next. More waiting on the doctor's guestimation of an arrival date or induce labor, or last choice - go in after him via C-section.  Like I said, Job is monitoring the outside world and every time someone, anyone, makes a prediction for a delivery date - he laughs - and sez.., "Dream on suckerz. I can wait it out till I'm ready to attend Berkley if I have to."
Gee wiz! (sorry about the harsh language, ladies) - I've been so focused on Job's arrival that after he's born I may not have anything else to blawg about!!!  This here blawg is supposed to be all about ME, and look it! He's taken over my blawg by remote control!! HE'S A FREAK GENIUS!  Thats muh grandson! A mastermind.  Stephen Hawking will soon be out of a job, when Job arrives - hopefully this provides the kid incentive to come on out.
Anyways thats all I gotta say about that..., and of course its not complete wishing Miss Kitty another smooth sailing day on Wednesday - also watch out for the little monsters roaming the streets at night.  Alright.  That should pretty much conclude my broadcasting day. 

Posted at 07:58 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Job is still a no show.  I sent word I'm having a tow truck haul him out of there because everyone is tired of waiting.  Meanwhile -  Daughter's next doctors appointment is Wednesday... and what the doctor has planned.., is anybody's guess.  Do you sense a conspiracy here? I think grandson #2 (job) and the doctor are in cahoots!  He was supposed to induce labor if Daughter had not had the little gum ball by last Thursday - then delayed it in the assumption Job would just give up and go with the program before Monday.  HAH! So what is the pay off between these two? It cant be money - no demands for enormous sums have been made yet.  Perhaps its power.., the knowing they can put things off.  I'm just guessing here folks.
My mother goes into surgery around 8:am this morning for a hernia.  Actually she's going in to have a hernia fixed, and not going in there to GET a hernia.  Just FYI people.  So keep her in your prayers - and the few of my atheist readers out there - you can send good vibes, head nods or whatever it is you folks do.  I'm scared to ask.
I got a headache. A good sized one too. I would let you see it, but I'm told I cant afford to get anymore dust and lint in my brain, so - yeah - I know you feel cheated. Anyway - my crooning practice maybe on hold tonight. Maybe not. I dunno.  I got a head ache for crying out loud.  May Alfalfa, the King of Sing forgive my laziness.
In other news the Paranoids were after me today.  They run in pairs  ya know.(as Lisa pointed out to me). I dealt with them the usual way. They chased me for a while one way, till I got fed up,  turned and ran after them.  Then they would run away for a while, and .., back and forth till somebody gets tired and we all call for a truce.
OH! I got a couple of awards!  I didn't get the graphics because every time I tried to pull up the website, my computer would lock up.  For the record, I was awarded the following awards from Beverly ;
  • BIG FAT KISS award.
I'm not sure why I won those awards.  I guess I'm just special.  Duh.., I'm special.., get it?  You see.., some people who are not quite... <sigh> ..., never mind. My head hurts to much to pursue where this is going, and worse - you probably get it anyway and worse than that? potentially agree.
Miss Kitty - hope the today goes smoother for ya. **thumbs up and a Fonzie "ayyyyye" and a hug**

Posted at 11:57 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Uhg! I Are Tired

In relation to my last entry - I went for the gold!  I tried to slap up a "practice / test" song - but the online player/recorder at Bix was really screwy.  The prompter was lagging and what with my bad timing - thats not a good thing. Something otherwise bad was made unbelievably worse LOL.

Needless to say - I didn't get anything put up.  I'll have to check with the tech-boys or people on the message boards about the problem.

Anyway, right now its like 3:AM and I worked on that one song so long and so hard my throat is almost sore.  I'll whine about it later. Excuse me. - but right now, I'm going to bed.  And NO.., I'm not telling what song it was / is.  Its a secret. hah! 

Goodnight people - errr.., good morning or whatever - I'm going to bed.

IN The Mean Time.., Heres a REAL singer and really good friend
of mine, to entertain yew heathens. Yew kan all use a little class
in this here joint anyway. This here purty lady is Rhonda, singing
one of my favurt songs...,

Vote for me on Bix.com!

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Sunday, October 28, 2007
Sangin' Just a Sangin' Oh oh oh!

The ol'  back is feeling a bit better. Boy that was fun!  Even my leg was numb, and burning.., yeeehaw!  degenerative disc disease and sciatica is great stuff. I recommend it to anyone.  Well.., not everyone.  I still don't know why they call it a disease. Its not a disease but a condition.  You'd think them medical boys would get their heads together and come up with something more like "BackMessedUpus" or something technical like that.
Anywho - I have been secretly (and close your eyes while you read this to keep it a secret) practicing my singing.  Frankly I am amazed.  Nay.., astounded how really well I suck.  It is not the same voice I sang with some years ago.  And my timing was much better.  But now.., my timing and my pitch are way off.   Even Alfalfa, the greatest crooner in the world, whose voice won over Darla and made many a young girl stand in their own piddle all GA-gah eyed - would be ashamed of my singing.  Oh, to sing like the master of musical muse.  ... musical muse??? ..., never mind... I just hope to one day to impress my own Darla if I ever find me one.
The point is, I'm not calling it quits.  I had it before (the voice), and people liked it. Even my ex-wife Ditsy's deceased husband before he was deceased liked it.., up until he found out the demo tapes were my voice, then he conveniently lost the tape I made for my daughter. Never done nothing to the old beaner for him to feel that way toward me, but that was his problem. Anyway - he'd take the tape to parties and they had a good time dancing to the tunes. For whatever thats worth.
At one time I was even invited to the Lester Flatt Memorial park for a huge gospel sing fest, by a certain Pastor's daughter.., which I turned down. It was not about stage fright, I was starting to get the big head and despite the HUGE persona I use on this blog.., I am NOT., that big of an ego maniac.  I didn't like the ego I was getting so I put the me in his place - LoL. In all likely hood I could have just as well been booed off stage - which a person would have to be REAAALLLY bad to have that happen at a "gospel" singing event.
My grandfather was by far my biggest fan.  He drove people nuts (including me) playing my demo tape over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...., and over again.  Those of his visitors that appreciated it to start with I am sure began to hate it by the sheer repetition.  But you know.., if nothing else.., I take comfort in knowing he was proudest of me for my singing.., and he played that tape up until he was too weak to load the tape deck.., about a month before he died of cancer.  I miss that old man.   But he's with Grandma now and no doubt he and Grandma are driving people nuts elsewhere with that blasted tape - LOL.  In some section of heaven, I believe there may possibly be people trying to claw their way out!
ANYWAY - back on the subject.  Don't get me wrong.  I seriously doubt my voice was show stopper material.., well,. maybe it would stop the show., I don't know.  But trust me, guys like Travis Tritt and Steven Tyler, were never in danger of being dethroned.  My own estimation would be "an average" voice; at best - generic. Good, but not great. 
So - once upon a time I could sing, not super great, but okay.  That was then.  Presently..., its like nearly torture to get my pipes back into working order.  I haven't sung in something like 15 years or so.  Not even so much as to sing along on the radio.  I just hung up muh guns and muh badge, retired muh horse and that was it.  I have had people want me to sing, and two of which hoping to do a duet with me on the Karaoke web sites.   If they heard how off my timing is and how crappy my pitch control is - not to mention a slight rattling in my throat - they would change their minds real quick.
Now - Karaoke - you really don't have to be an ace singer.  Its not so much about quality as it is having fun. Period!  Even so, there are some really awesome singers that should be out there entertaining professionally - really talented folks. And there are some serious heavy weights out there competing in national karaoke sing offs. So yeah.., some people take it VERY serious as do their fans.  Heck..,  I'm a fan of quite a few really talented singers on Bix and Sing Snap myself.
"So Daveman - if its not so much about quality (in every case) and just having fun - go for it!" - AHEM! This applies to everyone else.. but me. LOL..   I'm practicing - I'm practicing.  And practicing. Whether I get my pitch control and old singing voice/style back or not, I really got to work on my timing.  If I get the timing down a little better - I'll stick my neck out and have some fun.  Just don't expect much if it ever happens.  I got a crappy mic, and have some issues with electronic clicking and hums interference - still working on those issues too.
OKAY! I am done tooting my own horn and smashing it again.  Its time to practice some more.  ***hands out  noise cancelling ear plugs** - now.., if you hear what sounds like a squalling cat - its just me. Use the ear plugs for immediate relief.   Don't rule out my ever joining in on the crooning fun.., Just don't expect Alfalfa quality. Aeight?  Now who's the King of Sing? Allll-Falfa!

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Its Bwoken

My internal humor mechanism is broke right now.  It seems the pain in my back is taking the fun right out of it.  I'm not sure what I just said, but I am hoping it was profound.  I will either update later today or tomorrow with something more substantial.  Or at least mildly interesting.  I hope. Hugs are appreciated.  Hugs are really good medicine.

NOTICE - Be a pal and vote on the "Spooksville" contest,
AND/OR your participation is good too.

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