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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Job has arrived.  He fought the high tensile strength fishing line, but luckily the doctor was an expert fisherman.


I have to recheck with daughter on exact time, Son in Law was not with the program. He's still reeling over his new baby boy.

Miss Kitty - again - thank you for being a part of the Great Gumball Watch!
(((massive huggems)))
[MISS KITTY - You Is A Darlin, Darlin. Thank You for making the afternoon]

And the rest of yuns too!  YAY!

Posted at 10:08 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Daughter Update part 2

I called a few minutes ago (its now 9:25pm CST) and Job is still a no show.  The gumball is still refusing to leave his secret lair. <sigh>. Miss Kitty thanks for hanging in there with me. You're a treasure.

And thanks to  you, my long time BlogDriver buddies who check in on the progress.

Posted at 09:25 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Daughter Update

6:00 Pm (CST)  they gave her the epidural (spelling?) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Miss Kitty - Woohoo! the tension is thick enough to wade around in it.  **hugs**

Posted at 06:09 pm - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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I just got the call!  Daughter said she goes into the hospital at 2:PM (Central Standard Time) TODAY for to have labor induced!!!!  YAY!   The little gumbal mastermind cant put it off anymore.  His plans on keeping everyone guessing, have been compromised greatly.  He could still hold out - but then they will call out the heavy equipment and dig the little bugger out. Hopefully it wont come to that and he'll give himself up without a major scene.

NOW - the big question comes;  Will he skirt past midnight into November OR will he be a Halloween Baby?  if the latter, I'm just glad his name isn't Damien or Michael Meyers.  If you know what I mean.

I will let you all know what I find out. Unlike with the birth of my first grandson, I wont get to be there to be a part of his birth.  I must tell you the whole thing of watching my Grandson #1 being born was every bit as wonderful as being there for the birth of my daughter..., and as I held him in my arms I had the whole flashback with daughter.  And ... well... OKAY!  Its time to cowboy up - ***blows nose on handkerchief**

ANYWAY - as I was saying - I wont get to be there for Job's birth, but I was the first one Daughter called on the news - and that means a lot.  AND I have a promise for her to give the little snotlett a kiss from me.  And of course - i "might" (no promises) get a minute by minute play account when everything starts happening.

Miss Kitty - Its finally happened! Yah! ***happy dance***

Posted at 11:28 am - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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Another Day - Another Vanquished Blog Entry

I had another glorious posting this morning but I forgot what it was.  Actually I didn't forget what it was, I just ditched it, because it just sort of sat there, lifeless. I poked it with a stick and still - the "want-to-be" blog entry had no spunk. No life, no energy and honestly, I don't think it was breathing.  Sometimes that happens and when it doesn't have any signs of life,  ya have to bury it.
So this entry is a kind of short eulogy to the blog entry that never made it to electronically transmitted print.  It was so young and never had a chance. It could have possibly evolved into something of major importance, maybe even brought about world peace.., but alas.., it met with an untimely deletion.  But listen dear reader, we will always have Davemania.  Well - maybe not always.., because at some point all good things come to an end.
Yes, its true. One day my own deletion will take place.  Unless someone can dream up a way to rip out the delete button, its all inevitable.  Oh sure, if you think that makes you sad, just think how I feel!  What a bummer.  But then if I live a proper life, I'll have a much better place to blog from.  If they even use blogs up there. Maybe not. I'm expecting something better and it does NOT consist of hosting the Jay Leno Show.
If were to go to the other place (heaven forbid).., I could quite possibly end up hosting the Conan O'Brien show. or worse - DAVID LETTERMAN! NOOOOOOOO!  actually I think Letterman is better than he used to be early on.   In the Letterman early years, he was fairly ruthless to some of his guests and would invite poor common schmucks (some of which obviously had mental issues) on his show to deliberately assassinate their status as a human being like a Roman Gladiator slaughtering a bound and gagged prisoner.   So yeah, while I do not watch Letterman much at all - the few times I have seen his program in recent years - he just trashes celebs and not so much the little guy. He may yet redeem actually have redeeming qualities.
As you can probably tell - I'm just winging it here. Making things up as I go along.  I know.  Its sad, but its worked so well for me in the past, I see no need in changing my methodology.  HOLD IT!  A NEW BLOG TOPIC MIGHT BE COMING IN..... and I got...., I got....., <sigh>  I got nothin'.  Sorry about that folks. Just wishful thinking on my part.
Hopefully I'll have a report on Daughter and Job this afternoon.  - until then, g'day mates.
[ HELLO MISS KITTY! Ju are looking good as always. Here's a good morning hug, super smile and remember, don't trust the coffee. **hugs** posted a song finally, but trust me, you do not want to listen ]

Posted at 08:14 am - Scribbled out by Daveman the Cool
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