Entry: Same Old Song and Dance Monday, December 29, 2008

We all have off days, those days that just never seem to go right and perhaps confusion is part of the equation.  You know, a visiting aunt is confused with the laundry and you grab her, throw her on the ironing board to iron out the wrinkles, only realizing she isn't the wrinkled shirt after all - its the screaming and cursing that gives it away.

Or perhaps you plug the cat into the 110 outlet instead of the toaster. Or maybe you put that can of root beer in the microwave - not very bright but oh wow! Lots of pretty colors and stuff before the microwave does the mushroom cloud thing that can be seen for miles, the city sounds the nuclear warning siren (yes they have them).., NASA receives a message from the International Space Station that a massive genocidal weapon has been unleashed in your area - the next thing you know military descends on your house with an attitude problem.. ~ sigh ~

My how people tend to over react.  Anyway now that I have your attention, I posted two new songs on the player in the left side bar. (#1) "One Friend" and (#2) "But I Do". Vote on them if you will. 5 stars are appreciated - less than that, I come to your house and throw your aunt on the ironing board, plug your cat into the 110 outlet and I will have a can of root beer - Not that I am actually threatening anybody here, I'm just sayin' Shocked Big Smile  my Christmas songs were removed

Oh Wow! 2008 is almost gone!!!!  What do you think happens to the previous years after we discard them? Just answer the question and stop staring at me that way - I'm sure one of you has some idea. Do they get recycled? Sent to Calender Heaven? what??? - I asked you to stop staring at me like that. Its not nice and frankly its creeping me out.


static brain
December 31, 2008   11:49 AM PST
The year is still there in the space time continuum. It's just in an alternate reality. Don't get freaked unless you end up there discarded with it. LOL :-) Happy New years.
December 29, 2008   05:14 PM PST
Old years aren't discarded. It's all one in the time-space continuum. (Really, just say it real fast in an eastern Indian accent, it makes sense that way.)
December 29, 2008   11:16 AM PST
Don't git creeped out Dman, lets trade 2008 calendars. Mine is all kitties. Even my freebie 2009 calendar is kitties.

I like the One friend song best. Voted a 5, but it didn't seem to register?


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