Entry: The Good and the Bad Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good news and Bad News!
   First - the good news!!!
* You will no longer have to worry about high rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, taxes or even crime!  And best of all - never again worry about where to stash your stuff due to lack of storage space.

Now the bad news!
* All life on earth on earth is about to be reduced to ashes. Bob told me this - you remember bob - my ET friend who visits when I take my pain medications? Yeah - that bob. Lady Fri remembers him cause he peeked under her bandages after her surgery. Anyway - apparently, according to bob, an alien invasion force from Planet X is on its way. Again.  Last time it was canceled due to rising fuel costs. Yeah, they get their spaceship gas imported from OPEC too.


מחשבון משכנתא
January 25, 2009   02:58 AM PST
Great blog
January 18, 2009   02:18 PM PST
My pic never shows on this here darned thang.

Keep away from my rather large hiny ya danged ROBOT! :P
January 13, 2009   08:51 PM PST
So, with yer picture prominently displayed on this here blog thing, shouldn't the title be, "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly?" Just askin'.
January 13, 2009   04:41 PM PST
... umm ... you'll be okay tho, right? Since you already was in the fire knockin on heavens door ... knock knock knockin on heavens door ... knock knock knockin ...

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