Entry: My Invisible Cat Fred Died Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its with great sadness my invisible cat, Fred, has passed away. I'm not sure but I think he had a rare genetic disease that attacks invisible cats; Invisibiana Fofanna Botanna Mommaniplubis or something like that.  Fred was given to me by my Extraterrestrial friend, bob, who quite frequently inquires about Lady Fri.

Poor Fred apparently has been ill for some time, I just didn't see it coming. But he is at rest now, in his invisible grave and I spared no expense in providing a beautiful invisible tombstone. Too bad you cant see it.  The service was attended by just me and bob.  bob sang a strange version of Blowing In The Wind with a near perfect Tom Petty impression, dressed as Elvis - Fred liked Elvis. Tom Petty, not so much. He peed on the Tv once when Tom Petty was on some special concert I think.

So now I have to locate Fred's invisible water & food bowls. I purchased them at the Invisible Pet & Pet Supply Store on the INTERNET. Has invisible check out clerks, really unique. Don't bother looking it up, you wont find it. Anyway - when I got the package I could have almost sworn that there was nothing in the box but air till the Customer Care division explained the bowls were invisible and as light as air - they even gave me five invisible bottles of invisible water and 5 boxes of invisible dry cat food - which always replenish themselves.

I know what you're thinking - if they are self replenishing, why the extra bottles of water and boxes of food?  Hey, I figure they are losing money and it didn't cost any extra so I am not complaining about it. I may post pictures of Fred as soon I can find them. Assuming I can find them.  After all I had to use invisible film. Thank God for digital cameras! I'm glad I purchased the invisible film for my digital camera too, by the way.

Ok - its late and the pain meds are making the room swirl so I am closing this blog entry now. Have a great weekend - and please, if you want to do some kind of homage to my invisible cat Fred in his memory - feel free. I'm sure he would be seeing it from Invisible kitty heaven and smile with the happiness of a happy cat, what is happy. I think.


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September 10, 2012   03:22 AM PDT
January 28, 2009   08:37 AM PST
My very visible Dawg seems to chase invisible cats. If'n he catches one I'll send it your way.
January 26, 2009   10:41 AM PST
. . . . . . . .

. . .
January 25, 2009   12:14 PM PST
If you wish, you can visit my own invisible cat, Chester, from time to time.
January 24, 2009   12:07 PM PST
Did you get my invisible sympathy card and flowers? They're invisible catnip...

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