Entry: Peas At Last! Peas At Last! Friday, January 30, 2009

One Doctor, P.E. Mehoff, studied peas for years and discovered most every kind of pea is good for you and also discovered goober peas (aka peanuts) float in the water. He caused a stir when when his assistant yelled to him, "But sir! You cant take a pea in the pool!"  The public swimming pool came alive with everyone thrashing to get out of the water and a concerned life guard yelling through the mega-phone, "Get out of the pool! For God's sake people evacuate the pool!". There was a small fine to be paid and lots of explaining to do.
Dr. Martin Luther King was quite fond of peas as a staple food. He even worked it into a famous speech, declaring, Peas at last! Peas at Last! but some dirty hippies misconstrued the whole thing into what most people think he said today. The power of suggestion is a healthy nut for sure.
And just when you start to doubt history now..., I cite that ex-beatle John Lennen wrote a song about peas too - "Give Peas a Chance". Yeah I heard you groan on that one but its true! How do you know? BECAUSE I SAID SO and thats good enough darn it! Don't pea me off!  There are many historic changes such as these. Why? A conspiracy from PEA HATERS! Thats right! There are people who hate peas so much they manipulate history to achieve their nefarious activities. Its secret society known as "Hull and Scones", which I am guessing they hate scones too. President Bush and President Obama are members of this evil society as well and when they say "Peace" - they are going all out to avoid use of the word "peas".
Ok - I thats all I got to say about that. But I do leave you with this notation;  Give peas a chance and you will have peas at last, peas at last!  Just don't ever take a pea in the pool. Ok? Nuff said. Good night!
FOOT NOTE: Did you know that peas are not vegetables? They arent. They are just stuff what grows an ya eats. Bet you thought I was gunna say "Peas are actually Legumes" huh? Dont mess around and pea me off now. Just not your heads and you can go home unmolested. ;-)


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September 10, 2012   03:22 AM PDT
January 30, 2009   08:55 AM PST
May the Peas be with you my Son... LOL ;)
January 30, 2009   07:58 AM PST
... and Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peas ...
January 30, 2009   07:14 AM PST
When I read this I remembered that old hymn, "Peas, peas, wonderful peas..."

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