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東京 &#2 » nice blog!
東京 &#2 » nice blog!!
Rita » Will you please wake up?
Agen bola » nice blog
sbobet » good blog
sbobet » good blog success for you
Abby » Daveman lives! Or...
monileigh » where are you Man? You on facebook any??? Miss you!
Herb » Wet cleanup on aisle 4. Hi Pendoodles!
J f Z » WB Dave. and WB me.
pendoodles » I came I saw I pooped out... LOL
Herb » He's carrying something alright.
canvas » PASSED BY.
Instant » hey. found Rob and Pen's blog through yours! cheers
Instant » nice blog! found Rob and Pen's blog through ya. cheers
Aile » ps. Looks like you carried 3 followers along so far!
Aile » There's no "Like" button here!
Aile » Hey! I've been hanging out over at Facebook (ya I know) Ask AbbyNormal how to find me!
Herb » I done seent me a bahr!!
B.B.B.B.B.B » OMG.. LOL.. ROFL.. Spidey and Tony Stark side by side... Cool Project!
Herb » Boy Howdy! Howdy boy!
Aile » I see you
B.B. » Whazzzzzz up ? R U Even Hanging Out Here Anymore Dood?
Rita » Hi Daveman, hope you are doing well.
doctordoug » Happy Thanksgiving D
LauraBelle » Peek-A-Boo!!
Herb » ???
B.B. » Whazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz up?
Herb » Hello, my friend.
Pen » B o U n C Y bouncyyyyyyyyy
LauraBelle » huh? what the smelly bells happened to my post! That really looks like CR** ... sheez ...
LauraBelle » Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was a good FRIEND of mine ... ♪♫ doobie, doobie, doo la la de doobie do do ... ♪♫
oktoral » hi....
Pen » Wonderin where u bean lately?
Herb » Dave needs a broad way?
B.B. » Yup... Yup... Yup.... (Nods) Daveman on Broadway.. Next on America's Got Talent...
Angela2BPecked » How have you been?..BTW...this is Angela (Cafe)
LauraBelle » ... we live in scarey times ...
Daveman » :-: No pooping on the stage please.
pendoodles » That was supposed to be 'Poop Poop De Doop'
pendoodles » A834W
B.B. » I Just Noticed That Daveman Looks alot like George Jetson (atop of the Page) Without the beard (of course). Pass the Beans.. This Cornbread is not gettin' any harder...
Laura (aka - LauraBe » Yo Scooby ...
pendoodles » D'man... my old puter died. Got the new one & new email. Will update you soon! }}}HUG{{{
radical_dawg » is that Barry McGuire?
PaniAntosha » Gordon Lightfoot "Softly" or "Song for a Winter Night"
Daveman » Ok - I will make a note of da song requests and bribe myself to sing them. Uhm can I borrow some cash? Im kinda low on bribe money,
Herb » How about "The Tennessee Bird Walk?"
doctordoug » Hi D-man
Miss Ginger » I have some song requests: Eddie Rabbit's "I Love A Rainy Night" Franki Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You". C'mon, you could nail those songs!! (Like, in a good way).
Friday » You make me smile with my heart! *hugs*
pendoodles » HEHEHEHEH LOL
Marti » Daaaaaaaaaaavvvveeee!!!!! Love the song! lol
Ang » And by "in hiding" I mean "being profoundly lazy."
Ang » Shh! I'm in hiding!
pendoodles » Happy 4th of July!
pendoodles » WHAT! NO NEW ENTRY?! *wanders off dissapointed*
B.B. » That would explain alot of things with the Ant Milkers. Ant Milk produces Hair on the Upper Lip. Therefore I will invest in Ant Milk for The President of the Hair Club for Men!
Herb » ruh-roh!
pendoodles » OH MYYYYY DOG! Get out the pooper scooper! *holds nose*
Daveman » Yaw is scarin me
B.B. » Yeah.. You Guys get to be friends with Jane, Judy, George, & Elroy and I get stuck cleaning up Astros (Ahem) Leftovers... LOL
pendoodles » I'm friends with Jane his wife and daughter Judy. LOL
Herb » I have met George Jestson and his boy Elroy.
pendoodles » HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AH HA! I spy a new header. Glad you like it Dman. If you notice I changed the redhead to a raven like yours.
pendoodles » *knock knock* Anyone home? :O
Friday » You're so sweet to leave me all those hugs! Here, I'm going to use one on you right this second. *HUGZZZZZZZ Daveman*
Friday » Pfffffft!!!!! LOL'd so hard I blew iced tea out my nose. AH hahahaha!
pendoodles » HAHAHAHAHAHA *blushes brite red*
LauraBelle » <--- click on to view D'man's secret regarding Kraken coverup!
pendoodles » <--- Never Kraken LOL
B.B. » If Scott seen the Kraken .. It's Cause Daveman is playing Plumber again... Friends don't let Friends See Their Friends Kraken. LOL Where's my Blindfold.
Scott » Scary: I just saw the Kraken awake! Glad you are virtually alive again
pendoodles » *thinks to myself* Maybe I ought to make Dave's new header. *evil wicked grin* HEHEHEHEHEHE
pendoodles » *slurps tagboard* SLURPPPPPPPPPPPPP
B.B. » I'm calling my agent to call Bruce Campbell to have DM to stop doing overhead laptop exercises. You are affecting my Feng Shui ! Just Don't make me Twitter you ! (LOL)
pendoodles » Hey Dman here is the new link (click nic) to our blog on blogger. }}}HUGS{{{
LauraBelle »
Friday » Of course I is!!!! So glad to see you, darlin' heart!!! *hugs*
mz » hi
B.B. » The New Star Trek ROOLEZ! Bad to The BONE ROOLEZ!
Daveman » Not an Apple? Now she tells me! I wondered why it was so hard to eat and had that rubbery interior. But it was filling!
Ang » And of course I missed you!
Ang » Apple? No dude, that was a golf ball!
Daveman » Im looking for the jerk now - he's hiding I think! DAVEMAN Where are you!!!???
Friday » Oh Deeeeeee-mannnnn! Where ya at?*hugs*
Herb » Yeah, i said that too,.
pendoodles » OK I give up. Won't be back.
pendoodles » Hellooooo *echo echooo echooooooo*
B.B. » Yo ya Skeezer... Time to get out of that Microphone n' get ta gettin' yer game face on. Dr. Dave has a room full of patients waiting to be treated!
PaniAntosha » Hope you are physically well and takin' a blog break just because...
pendoodles » OK pen-dae-O come out come out and UPDATE! LOL
pendoodles » He bean singin
Herb » Hey Lima, where ya bean?
pendoodles » Well crappydoodleallday sort of hump day its been. Dman where you bean?
doctordoug » Poke ,.. Poke,...
pendoodles » Dman... May spring find you sprung undone and Easter bring you many Blessings.
Abby » Helloooooooo? Anybody hoooome?